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Become a Philips product tester and tell us what you think about our products. Your feedback as a product tester will provide us with valuable insights to improve and innovate the Philips product range.

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About the Philips product tester program

With our product tester platform we want to know what you think about our new Philips products. This way you can share your thoughts about our products and help us to improve them. On this platform you can find information about the product test process in general but also about the different products test that you can enlist for or that we have done in the past. Want to join the Philips community? Then find a product test that you like and enlist!

Become a Philips tester!

To enlist for a product test please log-in with you MyPhillips account. Not a MyPhillips member yet, then you can easily create an account by registering.

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Rules of engagement

Participating in a Philips product test is an easy and fun experience. All our tests run in the specified time period and follow 5 easy steps.

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